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Using a Variable To Set a Amplitude (33120A with MATLAB)

Question asked by dieciduej on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by buchaiahg
I am trying to program a 33120A, with MATLAB, function generator to output a sine wave at different amplitudes as a test routine.  I am able to do it in a brute force method:
fprintf(funct_gen1, 'SOURCE:APPLY:SIN 10000, 0.6'); % Set the output to a Sine, 10kHz, 600mVpk-pk

Then I repeat the same line with a different amplitude and so on.

Is it possible to replace the manual entry, aka the 0.6, with a variable, let’s say volt_set, that refers to a table of all the amplitude setting?  That would make the code easier.  Thanks for any help.