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Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 21, 2007 wrote:
> Exactly! It only adds a CR when it doesn't find the excluded chars,
> which is very strange. I would consider this a bug especially since
> not everyone sees the problem.

As a user I would have to also agree that this is a bug. I normally just throw in "
" when reading with token format, though I suppose this would break cases where the string intentionally has embedded LF's.

In any case, this has been the behavior for a very long time.
I tried it back in version 3 and it worked exactly the same.
No easy way to fire up earlier versions here ( perhaps the VEE team can ?) but it is probably safe to say it has always acted this way.

I would certainly add my vote to see this fixed-- it has to be something pretty simple so can't be a big deal to fix. And it would be one more minor item out of the way!


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