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How to determine delay of a thru connection using HP8753ES

Question asked by sinead9099 on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by sinead9099
I am trying to do 2 port measurements with only an open, short and load calibration kit. I have an adapter to connect the two ends of cable together (as they are same sex) for the thru measurement but no details about it. The manual says the delay value of the thru adapter can be determined by doing a one port calibration then connecting the thru to the cable with the short at the free end. It says press 'Format' then 'Delay' which shows the trace in delay format, from this you get the delay value, divide by two then subtract the short delay value.

My problem is that when viewing the Delay screen I do not know what to take as the value for the delay. Which parts of the trace do I measure between? It just looks a lopsided half oval within the range 1-6GHz. Should I measure over a greater  range? 

An easier solution would be to buy new connectors and cables with the appropriate sex so as to connect the cable directly for the thru but before I do that and and to await their arrival I wanted to see what I'm missing here.