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HP6812B LIST mode problems when controlled with GPIB

Question asked by ziggy on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by MattC
Hi, I'm new to HP6812B which I want to use to generate DC transients to test equipment (category Z) according to DO-160D standard. For this purpose GPIB controlled HP6812B with LIST mode looks as a perfect solution. I could generate the DC transients from the HP6812B local keyboard, but I can't generate transients while programming remotely with LIST.
What is wrong with this example?
OUTP:COUP DC                    DC operation only
VOLT:OFFS 27.5; :VOLT 0               initial 27.5V DC
OUTP ON     
LIST COUN 2                         repeat 2 times
LIST:VOLT:OFFS 27.5,13.75          27.5V DC for 10s and 13.75V DC for 10.5ms
LIST:DWEL 10, 0.0105
LIST:STEP AUTO                    List to be paced by Dwell time
TRIG:SOUR BUS                    GPIB is source of trig
INITiate IMMediate:SEQuence1          generates trigger when the trigger is initiated
*TRG                                      trigger it from BUS