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PNA-X Firmware Downgrade Issue

Question asked by Spacecase69 on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by Dr_joel
We have a PNA-X that came back from calibration with upgraded firmware and one of our Software Engineers downgraded it from 9.50.13 to 8.50.10, for a program that requires the older version of the firmware. After that the Technicians reported problems with the Port 1 Source Unleveling and Phase Loop Unlocked, ran and failed the Operators Check and sent it back to the Cal Lab. Our Cal Lab is saying that the failure is a direct result of improperly downgrading to an early version and that the Cal Constants were overwritten and cannot be restored through alignment and parts will need to be replaced. Also, our Cal Lab has an Agilent Tech working in it.

This does not make sense for a PNA-X, it might for a PNA. Has anybody experienced this?