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U2701A USB oscilloscope on Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1

Question asked by nishikar on Aug 15, 2012
We are using National Instruments Labview to read data from Agilent U2701A USB oscilloscope. We got the drivers for this scope from Agilent and it is working fine on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.
However, when we try to install the same drivers for U2701A USB oscilloscope on Windows Embedded standard 7, it is not able to recognize the scope. Although the Windows Devices and Printers shows us the valid oscilloscope device, neither the Agilent Connection Expert nor the Agilent Measurement Manager shows us the oscilloscope resource on Windows Embedded standard 7.
Is the Agilent U2701A USB oscilloscope not supported for  Windows Embedded Standard 7 ?

These are the set of drivers and software that we installed -
Agilent U2701A oscilloscope driver
VISA Shared Components 1.3.1
IVI Shared Component 2.1.1
Agilent IO Libraries Suite 16.1

Thanks !