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Question asked by dnao2 on Jul 5, 2012
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Hi there, 

   I have been so far unsuccessful in transferring an arb. waveform directly within my program into the function generator using the binary block mode.  I was successful transferring using a list of binary integers. 

For the binary block mode, If I were to transfer 9 binary values (ex. 0,100,1000,10000,30000,10000,1000,100,0)  would the following syntax be correct?

Dim inputString As String = "DATA:ARB:DAC VOLATILE, #2180100100010000300001000010001000"
- where 2 = number if digits to follow
- where 18 = number of bytes to transfer (9-16bit data values = 18 bytes)
- DAC data values between -32767 to 32767, all concatenated without spaces, etc

I am then sending this string using the command:
visa32.viPrintf(vi, inputString + vbLf)

I do not want to save the data file and load it.  I am generating the points within the program and then sending it over.  In my particular program, I am using 64000 points, so my would be 128000.

Any help would be appreciated!!  I've read a lot of different guides but I cannot find anything specifically for

Thanks in advance