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E4418/19 Writing Cal Factor Block

Question asked by ktonine on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by rftech3000
Is there a reference on how to write/update E-Series sensor  EEPROM data using the E4418/19 power meters? 

I've read through the material on how the Cal Factor Blocks are structured and can decipher the frequency tables and correction values.  I've located the Date, Serial Number, Tracking number, and Calibration Place - but any changes I make result in sensor EEPROM errors that I assume are related to the checksum.

I see that the N1913/14 power meters have a command (SERV:SENS:CALF) to write the Cal Factor data and update the checksum.  Unfortunately, though I can read and write the EEPROM data using the E4419 power meter, I can't find any reference on the range of values in the checksum and where the checksum is stored. 

Any help would be appreciated.