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No L0, L1, L2 for short standard in 8720ES.

Question asked by linan0827 on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by drkirkby
Hi, All,

We have a 8720ES network analyzer. We would like to input some custom coefficients of the calibration standards into our analyzer. For open standard there is the option in the menu so that you can type C0, C1, C2, etc into the analyzer. However for short standard it is empty there, only thing you can input is the offset delay and offset loss. But the instruction of the custom cal kits explicitly indicate there are those L0, L1, L2 coefficients for those standards.

We would like to know why it is not possible for 8720ES to have those coefficients of the short standard to be input, or is it sufficienct to only input offset delay and offset loss information.

Thank you very much for the explanation.