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8487A Matching washers

Question asked by MICROWAVE68 on Sep 13, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2008 by Dr_joel
I recently pulled a disassembled 8487A from the scrap bin, the cartridge turned out to be blown and the bellows as well as the matching washer was missing, i took the cartridge from a Q8486A and ordered the bellows from agilent, on the matching washer im not sure which one to use since the spare parts list calls out four different part# on the matching washer, i put the unit together and it works ok up to about 30GHz , above 30GHz the power reads about 3dB low, can this be due to the missing matching washer ? how do i determine which washer to use ? i measured the VSWR on one of the VNA s at work and it doesnt meet spec above 30GHz as well so i think the loss is mismatch related, i dont have the $$$ to send the sensor out for repair, the Q8486A Cartridge and the 8487A cartride seem to be identical in size