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How to calculate the mismatch for HP437B power meter

Question asked by richardks11 on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by RayH
HI All,

I need help to generate my measurement uncertainty for power source.

I ma having power meter HP437B with the 8480 series power sensors.

I try to find in specification the mismatch data for power meter against the 8480 series power sensor but unable to find it.

I looking for the following values:
1) Mismatch gain between generator and sensor
2) Mismatch gain between calibration source and sensor.

This power meter i using is very old which there is limited specification for mismatch not liek the EPM-series where they are the specify mismatch data available.

The both parameter i get is referring to agilent application notes 1449-3 (Fundamental of Rf and microwave power measurement- part 3).

Can any agilent metrology personnel advise on this issue.