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PNA-X: Wrong RF power on certain IMX channels

Question asked by rok on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by rok

I'm using A.09.42.12 firmware. I have a state file with multiple IM Spectrum Converters channels. However, I came across some strange behavior In the attached state file, channel 13 should be outputting power at -20dBm; instead it is outputting to the maximum power level of the PNA-X! The strange part is that channel 49, which is outputting the same frequency and using the same calibration file is outputting the correct power level of -20dBm. I checked the settings for both channels and they look to be virtually the same. Can someone look into this to see if it is some setting issue or a bug in the firmware? (Note: I have other channels behaving in the same odd way, but I had to delete them to pare down the size of the state file to include as an attachement)