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Help in defining calkit for TRL calibration on E5070B

Question asked by mtxx on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Dr_joel

Previously i tried to figure out the TRL calculations so that i can measure my samples using a X-band waveguide fixture.


unfortunately, its really difficult and impossible to get the job done on non agilent network analyzer.

therefore i've change my plan and made a simple parallel plate capacitor model instead.
this fixture operates at frequency much lower than X-band, therefore the E5070B is adequate for this job.

i've downloaded the vba for the TRL calibration, its suppose to allow me to define my own calkit.
i have to make my own TRL standards because i do not have a ecal or cal standards. 

I've look through the user guide for this model,

The TRL calibration is much much easier on this model, the descriptions are pretty straight forward.
define the self made calkit parameters, measure the calkit TRL and the VNA will automatically perform the calibration calculations. Amazing!

but i am stuck at one part

i need to fill in the delays, which i do not know what are the values.

how can i measure the delays? is there any agilent guides that can help me with this?
what are the keywords i need to search?

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