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E4416A Power Meter with N8481A Sensor

Question asked by hawker on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2009 by hawker
I have been using an E4416A EPM-P power meter with several sensors, including the 8481A, 8482A, 8481D, E9304A, E4412A, and E4413A. I connect these sensors to the meter using an 11730A (Beige) cable. I recently purchased 2 new sensors, the N8481A and N8482A. The N8482A operates as it should, however the N8481A will not calibrate as it gives the "Questionable Data" error.

   To verify the operation of the sensor I connected it to another power meter (E4418B EPM) and it operates as it should. I then reconnected the sensor to the E4416A using an E9288A (Blue) sensor cable and it functions properly.

   I have updated the E4416A Firmware to operate with the new N84xx sensors. I have not used the blue sensor cable except when utilizing the E9323A Peak Power Sensor. Should the blue cable be used at all times with the E4416A?