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...Agilent 8481D VS Agilent 8484 ??

Question asked by Martel on Apr 6, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by Martel

I'm new on this forum.

I already have an Agilent 437B with a HP8481A thermocouple (-30 to +20 dBm) sensor and i plan to buy a diode sensor. My first choice was the HP 8481D but i just discovered that the HP 8484A diode sensor does essentially the same thing (-70 to -20 dBm, 10 MHz-18 GHz, compatible with the 43x meters...) with, however, a significant difference: Price ! The 8481D is almost twice as expensive as the 8484A !

Can someone tell me the main difference between the two ? I've made search on the Net to get the 8484A and  8481D manuals w/o success.

Thanks for your attention !