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Undefined header

Question asked by farzin on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2011 by tomc
Hello everyo one,
I'm working with labview 2010 and DSA hp 35670A. The program in labview is written for low freq. noise measurments purposes. The program is kind of an old code so the commands used in this version are not good for the DSA I'm working with (This is my guess btw). When I run the program I have the error of HP_IB Eror -113, Undefined header "HANN", "AVOF", etc.
I downloaded the programming manual of HP35670A but I was not able to find all the commands in it,
I was wondering if anyone cud help me on finding what this error means and how I can poosibly solve it. My understanding is that I might need to change the commands and used defined ones for this device.