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C U2741A DMM performance?

Question asked by jackn on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2011 by jackn
StartU2741A() is called once at the start of a measurement cycle.
StopU2741A() is called once at the end of a measurement cycle.
Why does GetDCV() seem to take 430 milliseconds (not including the calls to StartU2741A() and StopU2741A())?
Is there a way to increase the performance?

using Agilent.AgilentU2741A.Interop;
private static AgilentU2741A u2741a;
private const string U2741A_OPTIONS =
     "QueryInstrStatus=true, Simulate=false,DriverSetup= Model=, Trace=false";
private void StartU2741A()
     u2741a = new AgilentU2741AClass();
     u2741a.Initialize("U2741A", false, true, U2741A_OPTIONS);
private void StopU2741A()
private void GetDCV()
     u2741a.DCVoltage.Measure(100, 0.0000015);