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Agilent 488, NI4882 API compatiblity vs GPIB32 API

Question asked by TDKRF on Aug 19, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by hognala
We have being using NI header files for some time to produce several applications.  Recently we switched headers and object files to the "newish" NI4882 API, ie ni4882.h & ni4882.obj for future compatibility reasons.  For a quick NI4882 API overview See ... FB006F1EDB

However, today (the second day after we switched) we noticed that the Agilent IO libraries and the "Agilent 488 option" don't seem to be compatible with the NI4882 API.

We would like to get confirmation from someone else that the latest Agilent IO library (15.5) "Agilent 488" option only supports what NI calls the GPIB32 API and does not support what NI calls the NI4882 API.