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Programming Agilent 33250A WG for Ion Trap mass Analyzer

Question asked by fthnm2005 on Aug 16, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by cldiller

I have a question regarding how to program the Agilent 33250A waveform generator so that I can generate a scan function to run my Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer. And here is what I need:

Ion Trap Mass Analyzers run by applying the sinusoidal waveform at a fixed frequency and amplitude for a given period of time (say 800 kHz, 1 V p-p, and for a duration of 100 ms) and scan only the amplitude of the waveform from 1 V p-p to 3 V p-p for anther 100 ms.

Thats it.
I believe this must be pretty simple and straight forward, but I dont know how to program it. I am the first time used of this equipment. So, I would appreciate any feedback regarding this issue. Also, if you think you might be able to provide a code for this, please do so and also let me know how do I send the code to the waveform generator.

Thanks in advance!