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Re2: vrf String separations

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 6, 2008
Stan Bischof (Richard S) <> wrote:
> Hi All,

> As you see from the picture:

> I have a string of numbers/data would like separate, after each comma.
> There are six fields, tried to read them as Real, that gave me an
> error, is that a reason for it ?

> **************************
> They read just fine as real array so far as I can tell.
> odds are you have something not quite kosher-- please post a code
> snippet or what doesn't work.
> You'll of course only get 5 reals from that string of 7 fields since
> two of the fields are strings.

It occurs to me that maybe you are trying to read _6_ real values as your note indicates, in which case sure you'll get an error as there are only 5 values to read.


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