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Can one move TDR option 010 from one 8753A to another 8753A ?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2012 by jvall
OK, I have to admid this is an odd question, but I'll try anyway! 

A good friend of mine has a nice condition 8753A.

I also have an 8753A, but due to the total incompetance of some idiot who poorly packaged it for transatlantic shipping like this:

my 8753A is in poor condition. 

Mine has one advantage over his though - mine has the TDR option 010, his does not. I don't need the TDR option as I have it on another VNA, whereas he could make use of it. 

Is it possible to pull a chip from one of these VNAs and stick it in the other? If so, what chip? I'm guessing this is stored in something like EEPROM. Obviously if the chip has calibration information or other things that *must* remain specific to the instrument, then it woud not be sensible to do it. 

I'm not bothered if it changes the S/N of my VNA and I doubt it would bother him either.