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Measuring 85032B Opens

Question asked by khaynes on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by Dr_joel

We are trying to improve our measurements of the components in this kit so we performed one port cal of the E8364B with data based 85054B OSL (with new part number broadband loads) and the male open does not quite (200% of spec) meet the phase model (as provided by Agilent cal lab data sheets showing the nominal model.) 

When we check same components using 85032B kit (checked as conforming by Agilent cal labs) we get results near the nominal model, but we realize its about 1:1 for the comparison (1.9 degree uncertainty and 1.9 spec at 6 GHz test point.)

At the 6 GHz test point we estimate about a quarter degree phase uncertainty using the data based kit, and 3.5 degree measured error.

We are trying to determine whats the likely error: both 85032B opens off model; the uncertainty estimate off (phase at 6 Ghz is out 180 from the UUT open, or???

Any guidance is appreciated.