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Option -H84 cal of an E9304A-H18 vs 8482_81A combo

Question asked by Tisfurs on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by lynchdavidb
Does Agilent provide an -H84 calibration for E9304A-H18 sensors?  I ask because my manager wants to have that one sensor calibrated with the -H84 option instead of the two sensors (8482A and 8481A) we currently send, to save money of course.  Although the E9304A-H18 covers the frequency range, and has better SWR, my argument against it is as follows:
1.  The E9304A is a diode sensor, which are typically not as linear as thermocouple sensors.
2.  It has a low-power path which will have higher uncertainties than the high-power path.  These worse uncertainties will have to be used with any other power sensors calibrated by this -H84 standard sensor, if the low-power path is used. 

Is my argument valid?  Are there more reasons I should not get an -H84 option calibration for a diode sensor?