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Need help on E4406A/89600A

Question asked by sathishkumarD on Dec 4, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2007 by WadeW
Please find the attached test setup.

GSM Source:

I have GSM source which is nothing but Base Transceiver station. I have connected the GSM source and E4406A through RF Cable. To protect the E4406A from GSM source I included the one 40 dB/25W attenuation in the RF path. With the help of E4406A I am performing the GSM Tests like,

Mean Transmit power,
Phase error and Frequency error measurements,
Spectrum due to switching and modulation and
Power Vs time measurements.

From the GSM source I sent the one timeslot for every 577 micro seconds.
I want validate the TX path through the VSA demodulated data bits. If I can able to capture all the demodulated bits (Shows 148 demodulated bits for every time slot) for every 577 micro seconds (which is demodulated by VSA) from VSA the following options can be Validated:

I can able to check whether I receive all the timeslot or not.
I can able to check the packet corruption is occur in between any of the time slot with the help of the frame number.( My GSM source increments his frame number for every 8 time slots)

How can I capture all the time slot packets which sent by GSM source?
Is it possible with the 89600A software?

Please share your comments.