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Open circuit cable shows S11 being +7 dB. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 10, 2012
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I'm getting problems trying to calibrate my VNA. After doing a full 2-port cal, if I leave port 1 open, I read an S11 of about + 7dB. The setup is this: 

* HP 8720D 20 GHz VNA with 3.5 mm connectors
* Agilent  85131F 3.5 mm  test port cables. 
* Agilent  N -> 3.5 mm adapters on the end of the test port cables. One connector is male N, the other female N. 
* HP 85032B calibration kit (this is N, rated to 6 GHz). 

After doing a full 2 port cal, putting a termination on port 1 shows an S11 of about -15 dB. Removing the load, the S11 is peaking at +7 dB at 4 GHz (see diagram). 

If I:

* Remove the  N -> 3.5 mm adapters and use an Agilent 85033E 3,5 mm cal kit, there is no problem. All results seem sensible in 3.5 mm. 

* Do a full two-port call in 3.5 mm, then add N -> 3.5 mm adapters with N loads, the return loss is about 30 dB (from memory). This would suggest the N adapters and N loads are not totally screwed up. 

* Measure DC resistance of 909F N loads, and find they are 50 Ohms. 

But doing a two port cal with my N cal kit is giving stupid results. 

Could an incorrectly defined user calibration kit cause this? The 85032B calibration kit is not in the firmware of my 8720D. Since I don't have a Windows computer with a GP-IB board in it, I can't use the VNA Cal Kit Manager software at to upload a cal kit to the VNA. Therefore I have entered the Standard Class Assignments and Standard Definitions manually using the buttons on the VNA. 

I would add my cal kit does have the extender for the female N open - I think most people manage to lose these, but my kit does have it. 

I was thinking of running a test not using the user defined cal, but the N calibration kit in firmware. But that is for an 85032F, not the older 85032B. I don't know how much difference there is between those kits and so what effect there would be in using the wrong kit. Would it cause huge errors like +7 dB gain on an open circuit?  

Any suggestions how to debug this? 


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