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E4980A Measurement of capacitor and inductor with low impedance

Question asked by nian29 on Jun 7, 2012

I posted this question on the wrong thread, maybe here can get some answers on measuring parts at low impedances using the E4980A. We are measuring a 6.8uH P7614 inductor which is specified to 100kHz/250mV signal source. We are getting readings from the low end of the specification, at around 5uH.

We noticed that the signal source significantly dropped from 250mV to 8mV, even when ALC is on. We tried other inductors (different part number) and is getting the same results. This is not the case at higher frequencies (at 1MHz, the signal source does not go down).

Given that the signal source cannot be regulated, we want to know if the "Inductance" reading is still valid and would be the same as if read at the exact signal source? or if not, what is the expected error? Does this also applies to capacitors or other passive devices measurable to the instrument?

Hope Agilent can also put a light on this.