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A list of questions about the N6841A RF sensor

Question asked by emp1953 on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by akp
What is the purpose of the reference signal?   How is it utilized?
What is the recommended calibration cycle?  This item is blank on the web page for this unit.
What is the sensitivity, the sensor's noise floor?
What is the true temperature operating range, data sheet has an error on it?
Is the data auto-compensated for over temperature?  Is there a de-rating factor or table for temperatures exceeding the range?
Is the data recorded peak data or average data?
Is the data timestamped?
How do you communicate with a network of these?
Does each one have a unique IP address?
Does each one have some unique id that the API understands?
How many can you put on a network?
How quickly can you poll the unit for data?   In a system what is the latency?
What is the distance limit for reliable data communications?
If distance is short, are repeaters recommended?
Is there any internal protection for the 20dbm max input?
Will these units function with various languages VB6,, Labview????