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Dr_joel's VNA book published earlier than I expected!

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by drkirkby
I've been quite ill this week, confined to bed for nearly a week, and feeling rather sorry for myself. But just got an email from Amazon UK which gave me a bit of cheer. 

+We are pleased to report that the following item will dispatch sooner than expected:+

+Joel P. Dunsmore "Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements: with Advanced VNA Techniques"+
+Previous estimated arrival date: September 27 2012+
+New estimated arrival date: September 20 2012 - September 21 2012+

So that is good news. That will give me something to read in bed! 

From what I can see of the book at

it looks quite impressive. Quite well priced too - much lower than I would have expected of a book of this type, and size (652 pages).