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Fan tachometer reading using 34901A/34972A along with N6705B Power analyzer

Question asked by adim on Jul 31, 2012
Hello all, 

I was given the task of controlling fan speed via voltage output by my boss, but no one at the company has any idea how to actually do this. 

The fan is a Delta fan with a tachometer output. I have the DAQ from Agilent, but being new to this, I'm not sure where to proceed. I see that there are channels which can be screwed/unscrewed in the multiplexer, so I was wondering if the tach wire goes into one of these channels? 

My thinking is to connect the multiplex to the 34972a, then connect that to my computer, which would also be connected to the power analyzer (the fan is connected to an output on the power analyzer). I could then somehow obtain fan speed by taking the readings of the DAQ and using Labview to write a closed loop control algorithm to adjust the voltage output of the power anaylzer to obtain a desired fan speed (maybe PID?). 

I'm also new to Labview as well, so if my questions sound elementary, please forgive me. 

Basically, I want to know if I am heading in the right direction with this. Any help would be appreciated.