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64997A Agilent Spectrum Visualizer (ASV) and InfiniiVision DSO-X 3024A

Question asked by mcwicht on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by mcwicht
Hi all!

Since a couple of days I am trying to get the ASV 64997A work in combination with a DSO-X 3024A. However, up to now without success. :-(
There is no Frequency Spectrum displayed at all.

Communication link to the scope seems ok (via USB cable), since the Oscilloscope is detected by the ASV and the Time-Stream can be displayed (but with somewhat awkward scaling, see attached screenshot). Autoranging the scope works also. 
As for the test signals I am using the internal WaveGen of the cope connected to Channel 1 (or Channel 3). 
I tried a multitude of different settings and I modified all accessible parameters. No chance to get the FFT work. :-(

I am running the DSOX3024 with Firmware 2.12.
The version of the ASV is 01.09.0006. The ASV is installed on a powerful PC with Win7 64Bit.

What might be the problem? 
What additional tests can I do or what additional information can I provide to narrow down the problem?

Many thanks for your help.