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34980A 34925A Analog Bus Armature Relays Programming

Question asked by melcher.troy on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by lhornburg
I am trying to convert an old program that used the SCPI command language to use the Agilent IVI-COM Driver.
When converting the old code, I came across a SCPI command that I can't find documentation of anywhere:

DIAG:XACT? 1,1,0,19,14,0,0
(Reads back: 24)

This command is directed at a 34925A FET Mux card in slot 1. This code is from the configuration section of the old code. We are trying to do high speed scanning reading voltages and aren't terribly concerned with high accuracy. Here is a version of the configuration sequence:

ROUT:CLOSE (@1911,1912,1921,1922)
DIAG:XACT? 1,1,0,19,14,0,0

CONF:VOLT:DC 0.1,MAX,(@1001:1040)
ROUT:CHAN:DEL 0,(@1001:1040)

ROUT:SCAN (@1001:1040)



I've tried ignoring this command and converting the other SCPI code to IVI-COM and it works but during the scan the analog bus relay is closing on every scan and creating a clicking noise that we don't hear with the old SCPI code.
The DIAG:XACT? command seems to disable some bus relay closing?

Can someone tell what this command is and maybe how to use the IVI-COM driver to replicate the old code and not have the analog bus relays switch (and click) on every scan?