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53132 return multiple results

Question asked by dewaynecurry on Oct 6, 2011
I am trying to update a code base that used a Fluke PM6880B to gather multiple totalize results and return them in an array.  Is there a way to do so with the Agilent 53132A Counter?  Herte is the original code I am translating for reference:
            //    ' UUT outputs bursts of pulses; number of pulses in each burst = test code just
            //    ' executed.  Pulses are 300 nS per cycle; 2 - 4 mS between bursts.  Counter is
            //    ' setting internal gate window of 1 mS and measuring bursts repeatedly, putting
            //    ' results into array.  ITA includes resistive 10x divider on pulses.
            //     Call subvsr("Counter,{:CONF:TOTALIZE:TIMED 1e-3,(@1),(@1)},##")
            //     Call subvsr("Counter,{:INP:SLOPE NEG},##")
            //     Call subvsr("Counter,{:INP:COUP DC;:INP:LEV 0.3;:INP:LEV:AUTO OFF},##")
            //     Call subvsr("Counter,{:INIT:CONT ON},##")
            //     Call subvsr("DIO,Reset Bit,APB6,##") 'Set Factory Test bit LO; holds any failed test    
            //     Call ApplyPower
            //     Call subvsr("Delay,7,##")
            //     Gpib_OUTPUT "Counter", "FETCH:ARRAY? -1"