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U1733C Capacitance Test Question

Question asked by glowitz on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2012 by jmgeller
I have a new U1733C and was testing some Nichicon Audio (Muse series) Electrolytic capacitors, namely, 470uF 25V +/- 20% versions. These are premium-grade audio electrolytics. During the measurements, they measured approximately as follows: 100 Hz: 428uF (within spec), 411uf @ 1kHz -- however, at 10kHz, the LCR meter measured "OL" --- the device could not resolve the capacitance.

Now, I'm aware that electrolytics don't do well at very high frequencies, however, 10 kHz isn't "very high" -- especially for audio-grade electrolytics. I'm puzzled why I would receive no capacitance reading at 10kHz? Any suggestions as to what's happening? The phase is so far off that it doesn't even appear to be acting as a capacitor at this frequency. I tested 10 from the same batch -- and all behaved similarly. No readings were possible past 1 kHz.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.