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U1242B - another IC killer!

Question asked by dbovey on Jan 31, 2012
I just measured the open circuit voltage of the U1242B when in ohm or continuity mode. Ohms puts 0.4-0.59V on the tips . This will not endanger circuits but will put some into conduction. I saw briefly 1.8V displayed on the other multimeter meauring the OCV.
BUT if you press the orange button (for the beeper) you get 2.3V, and your low-voltage ICs in your circuit might not like it... Even if there is not a lot of current provided there might be electrostatic breakdown of junctions or gate isolation in 1.x volt CMOS chips. 
Why can't Agilent make multimeters with a 0.1-0.2V OCV for measuring resistance? Low-cost ones offer that for 20 bucks!
Product managers, beware for future products. You could brand the "IC-safe" or whatever.
Otherwise it is a fine piece of equipment.