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vrf Hi, I'm a new user. -- Problem with C-header file

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 28, 2007
Hi Alex,

I had a similar problem and was helped out by the VRF just this week.
VEE doesn't like anything in the header file other then the function calls. To get mine to work I had to strip it down to the absolute bare minimum.

It's possible the "resident functions" are calls to functions that are executed on the video board's processor and not in the PC's CPU. That
INFO_T* doesn't fit any variable type I'm familiar with. Looks like a pointer to a function in some format specific to the video card.

For my problem one thing I had to fix was the original header file called for "unsigned integers". I changed that in the header file to integers because the unsigned integers is an unsupported variable type for VEE. My guess is you'll have to do something similar for the variables like INFO_T* in your header file. I think you're in for a little slogging through the video card's manual.


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