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Retrieving units from VSA

Question asked by slowslc on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2007 by DaveHornbeck

Can someone help me ? The example below measures PhaseErrorRMS of a GSM Signal.. I am able to retrieve the measurement but UNABLE to retrieve the units using this command

            unit = vsaVector.Display.Traces[1].get_RawDataValueUnit(12);

Also, why do I have to use the value of either 4, 5 or 12 in order to get data into my object 'dd' .. for instance putting a value of 11 returns a null.



            double data;
            string unit;
            object dd;

         vsaVector.Display.Traces[1].DataName = "Syms/Errs1";
            data = vsaVector.Display.Traces[1].get_RawDataDemodInfo(AgtVsaVector.VsaTrcDemInfo.vsaTrcDemInfoPhaseErrRms);

            dd = vsaVector.Display.Traces[1].get_RawData(4);  //Not sure why it's 4 = Single ,5 = Double,12 = Var

            //Retrieves X and Y axis data in Spectrum Mode
            dd = vsaVector.Display.Traces[2].get_Data(12, AgtVsaVector.VsaTrcDataSelect.vsaTrcDataX, false);

           unit = vsaVector.Display.Traces[1].get_RawDataValueUnit(12);