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vrf All of a sudden after installing an eval copy of VEE 8.5 nothing wants to work

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 2008
On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 3:58 AM, Baranski, Detlef <> wrote:
>  Hi Greg,
>  I believe that i did run in similar problems. Main cause was the change to new IO Structure in Vee 8.5.
>  You may mark the legacy io in the prefs to run the old pre-V8 programs.
>  But that did not help at all.
>  I just stored my old program with V8.5 and mark the "Check instruments at prerun".
>  I did include then the new device names with this visa syntax...
>  And then my program do run, even without this Legacy IO and Microsoft
> alerts... Was a hard lesson to learn ;-(
>  If this do not help, delete all your instruments io prefs and do it the way described before- perhaps do not include the ioprefs in your program....
>  Hope it helps...
>  detlef
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>  Betreff: [vrf] All of a sudden after installing an eval copy of VEE
> 8.5 nothing wants to work
>  Hello!
>  I received, (yesterday), a copy of VEE 8.5 for evaluation purposes. I then uninstalled the copy of 7.52 that I had installed, which was working properly. I had previously installed a copy of the IOLIB set, and it worked with the 7.52 version.
>  However when I brought up the thingie that is used with the IOLIB set to confirm the presence of, and configuration for each I/O device I discovered that it properly set everything to the red cross mark indicating  that there was a problem with the I/O device there, naturally for COM1 (ASRL1) there certainly would be as it wasn't connected, the one for COM2 (ASRL2) also had one, despite the presence of the currently not used modem.
>  And even with my USB2Serial gizmo plugged into a USB port and configured as COM3 (ASRL3) the same thing happened. Of course that I expected, I do not have an instrument per se connected there, I have the gizmo connected to my bread board, and I've been using VEE to run tests on assorted hardware designs.
>  What is strange is that the control thingie doesn't always start up, it promptly complains about not being able to communicated with the drivers. I freely admit that was happening everytime I needed to login to the system, and this was happening with 7.52 installed.
>  And of course the dunderheads at Microsoft also released a <DELETED!> load of important updates all yesterday.
>  And it just happened again, gave me the error codes of 2,0 and wants me to either restart the system (Just did that!) and probably contact the company.
>  --
>  Gregg C Levine  "This signature was once found
> posting rude  messages in English in the Moscow subway."

Thank you for the advice Detlef. I decided to zip up the original ones for the FTDI chipset, and basically start from the very beginning.

They were all using the basic functions of 7.52 so I don't think I'm losing anything here. More like gaining things.

Have a good weekend while you're at it.
Gregg C Levine
"This signature was once found posting rude  messages in English in the Moscow subway."

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