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vrf Simple (to program) relay box? Got lot of valuable info - BIG Thanks!

Question asked by tapio.ronkainen on May 22, 2008
Thank You very much for sending me recommendations of the relay box's. I now have a good idea of what to use, and I am pretty sure that I do not need to spend days configuring.

Big thanks!


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Can someone please give a recommendation for a simple mechanical relay box? I use to use Measurement Computing internal cards, with the Vee library. I really liked the simple approch to program them. I am now looking for a USB (or GP-IP) connected relay box that is easy to program thru Vee. Only few relays are needed (max 8) with capabity to pass 1 Amp & 12 Volts. Should I stick with Meas Comp (perhaps the model USB-ERB08) or try something new?

If you have a Vee example available for the relay control I would be very nice indeed!!!

Thanks in advance,


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