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HP Agilent 54510a Oscilloscope Help

Question asked by computerbytes on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by algoss

I recently picked up an HP Agilent 54510 Oscilloscope on eBay for parts/repair. The problem stated with it was that I would not power on. Upon receiving it today and plugging it in, you could hear it power up and the fan run, however it had no display. Upon removing the top cover and checking the HV board, I noticed there was a blown 2A fuse. Upon replacing the fuse it comes up and now displays fine, however when I try and bring up the menus they come up fine, but I am unable to use or get any of the selection buttons (the vertical row of buttons along the screen) to select anything in any of the menus. I was just curious if anyone knew of anything to try before I dive into this more? Maybe some one has seen that problem before with their 54510a or similar scope? Thanks!


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