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Error -103 while sending commands

Question asked by mkmoon on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by tomc
Hello, i hope somebody can help me, im writing a program scan all channels from a 34901 board in a 434970 switch unit but two lines give me the error -103 and i can´t find the problem, the code is the next:

switch (event)
          case EVENT_COMMIT:

          EscribePto ("SYST:CTYPE? 100\n");
          SetCtrlVal (panelHandle, PANEL_REPLY, reply);
          ProcessDrawEvents ();
          SetCtrlAttribute (panelHandle, PANEL_REPLY, ATTR_VISIBLE, 1);

               EscribePto ("CONFigure:VOLTage:DC 10, (@101:120)");
               EscribePto ("SENSe:VOLTage:NPLC 1, (@101:120)");                              //(this is the first line thata gives me the -103 error)
               EscribePto ("ROUTe:SCAN (@101:120)");                                             //(this is the second line that gives me -103 error)
               EscribePto ("ROUTe:CHANnel:DELay 0.25, (@101:120)");
               EscribePto ("TRIGger:COUNt 2");
               EscribePto ("TRIGger:SOURce TIMer");
               EscribePto ("TRIGger:TIMer 2");
               EscribePto ("FORMat:READing:TIME:TYPE RELative");
               EscribePto ("FORMat:READing:TIME ON");
               EscribePto ("FORMat:READing:CHANnel ON");
               EscribePto ("*OPC?");
     return 0;
i've already review the programmation manual but i can´t find the error, thanks in advance.