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Measuring the time difference between Different Pulse signal

Question asked by ganeshprakash on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by cldiller
Hello all,
           I'm using agilent 53132A to get the time difference for every second between rising edges of two Pulse Trains fed at channel 1 and 2 respectively;I'm performing this By selecting TIME INTERVAL 1 TO 2 OPTION feature and not able to get consistent readings for few seconds.while the reading is as expected for some time occasionally its giving wrong values for few seconds.Eg:15 ns,19  ns,22 ns , 56 us,43 ns....."56 us" is not the expected one as signal is not so.JFYI:-The Pulse duty cycle is  0.01% ie..Pulse high for 100 us in 1 second time period. Could i know if my set up is wrong or if any setting that I'm missing out?