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U1273A Temperature Lock Issue

Question asked by glowitz on Jan 19, 2012
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My new DMM only reads in C, not F for temperature measurements. In the setup menu, there is a lock symbol that prevents this from being edited. In the manual, there is a brief message buried that says the temp mode is locked and not changeable in some regions, but it doesn't state which regions this applies to. I'm in the US market and wonder if I received a unit destined for a different country? Or is this some kind of patent issue? I can't believe this gorgeous new meter won't display temperature in US units. What am I missing here? Is there any way to unlock this? There must be a trick somewhere. Any suggestions? The edit key will not activate this setup line item and I see no way to change it without some back door trick. We must be able to switch between C and F depending on the application. Thanks!

Update: on page 113 of the user manual it provides a back door way to unlock this. I can now set it to read both F and C simultaneously in fact. Very nice. Just seems odd that this feature is locked out of the factory. Why would that be? So, if you want to measure F but only see C as an option, read page 113 to resolve this setup issue. I would love to hear from Agilent why this is fixed and locked in the first place.