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vrf Glomming .NET Events in VEE, Part 1

Question asked by VRFuser on May 25, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by Udaybn
> Sounds like just the ticket
> (tho obviously it should be built into VEE).

I don't begrudge Agilent for not including it. It might be very difficult to modify VEE's script language to fully handle the situation. Although I'm no expert. It *almost* can do it. I think it's the issues involved with handling the callback rather than adding a delegate to an event. After all, VEE itself is not managed. I imagine it *could* be done though. Similar things are done with C++ which is also not managed.

Anyway, the offer to put it on the VEE "to do" list was made so maybe it will be in a future version.

Be that as it may, Glom is free for use by all with the sincere hope that it will help clean up a lot of very messy user interface support.

Now USA folks ignore work, get outside & BBQ. Sympathies to KS & CO. I hope no Agilent people were affected, but then I suppose you folks don't live that far North.

Part 2 will be posted tonight so Asia can start using it in the morning.

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