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USB Data Logging with 34972A Data Acquisition System

Question asked by tomc on Sep 7, 2012
Watch this video ( ) to see three different methods to log data using USB and the 34972A. The first method is to use the 34972A with a direct connection to the PC. It is simple and straightforward to use the free data logging SW to setup the instrument and log data. The second method is good for making remote measurements, storing the configuration, from the BenchLink Data Logger software and transferring it to the 34972A with a USB stick. All of the measurements will be time stamped and stored on the USB stick. The final method is to configure the 34972A from the front panel and attach a USB stick to capture the readings. The USB stick can be used to increase the number of non-volatile readings stored, and make it easy to transfer them to the PC. 

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