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Memory issues while using discrete optimizer

Question asked by KUNI@ATMEL on Jan 16, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by KUNI@ATMEL

i want to use the optimizer to get a matching network with 5 components in a differential pair of transmission lines.

the situation is as followed:

the IC is represented as an s2p dataitem. first there is one series element in each TL, followed by a shunt between them. at the end, there are again two series elements, one in each line, that lead into a balun (s3p).

a littlebit like that...

            |  +------||---------||------+
            |  |             |             |
           Balun          =         s2p
            |  |             |             |
Port->--+  +------||---------||------+

all components are represented as dataitems, that refer to a DAC. the first pairs of series elements should be equal and are link to the same DAC.
so, i have 3 DACs at all.

each DAC contains a list of about 90 possible parts (capacitors and inductors). the goal is, to get 50 ohm matching at the balun single ended output.

as the dirscrete optimizer starts, the 6GB of memory of my workstation is full after some minutes and just a few hundred iterations. everything is getting dramatically slow then, so that i get in trouble with my colleagues. ^^

any tipps, how to use less memory, but retain the discrete search?
or can i set a specific amount of memory to be used by ADS? HDD memory is not the problem, as long as i don't exceed 160GB, so that preliminary results could be saved to HDD temporarily.
i don't think that all data must be kept in memory!?

thanks for help!

best regards