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Problem Communication ENA E5071C and MATLAB using ivi driver

Question asked by florentlecocq on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by florentlecocq

I try to communicate with a ENA E5071C using matlab.
I've installed the latest driver, converted it to a Matlab driver "VNA_E5071C.mdd".
I can creat the device, open it, communicate with it (set start and stop frequency, power, etc). But some function doesn't work and unfortunately they are crucial !! For example setting the S parameter you want to measure... here is the code I use :

vna = icdevice('VNA_E5071C.mdd', 'TCPIP0::');




matlab answer to the last command :
??? Error using ==> icgroup.invoke at
Error: Object returned error code:

And I have also the exact same error if I invoke the function FetchComplex...

Someone knows the solution ?

Thanks !

ps : oh yeah, almost forgot, do you know why in Channel.TriggerMode we cannot select BUS ???