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Re: IVI AgE36xx driver : RangeCheck problem solved

Question asked by agivi on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by makoto
Hi there,

I'm new to IVI drivers (started using them last week) and I have a problem with the RangeCheck initialization option.

In order to get used to IVI drivers, I used the example that comes with the IVI-COM AgilentE36xx driver (on my computer it's located at C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Drivers\AgE36xx\Examples\VS.NET\Cpp\Example1).

I have been able to do all I wanted except getting an out-of-range error when passing an out-of-range value to a function. I set the RangeCheck init option to true but I did not get any error in simulation neither with the hardware connected.

Attached is the code (from the Agilent example) but modified in a way that it should throw an out-of-range error when setting the voltage at the following line: spOutput1->VoltageLevel = 1000; // ... why no error.

Still it's executing fine. Can anyone point me to what I'm not doing correctly.


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