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External Source Control

Question asked by Tanert77 on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by Tanert77
Hello Dear Friends,
I'm a new member and have searched the forum but I could not find the topic related to my problem. I hope someone can help me.
Well, I have E8257D PSG signal generator (sw ver C.04.71) and N9010A EXA Signal Analyzer (sw ver A.07.05). I need to connect both units each other and would like to test band filters. Is this possible or do I need newer platform of Signal Generator like MSG?
I have connected their Trigger In inputs to Trigger Out outputs (of course in cross ), have connected Reference Out (10MHz) of EXA to Reference In of PSG (10MHz) and have connected LAN with crossover cable as shown on EXA's External Source Connection Guide. I have done all LAN settings also.
When I enter in Source/Selet Source EXA verifies the PSG correctly.
Then I enter in Source Mode and select Tracking.
EXA tries to connect to PSG and PSG settings return to power on presets even I have set sweep parameters.
After that I get an error message on PSG -113, Undefined header
I can also see the letters R and L and Ext Ref indicator on PSG, sometimes T as well.
After all of those, EXA gives error message System error.Source connection lost, check interface connection

Waiting for your comments  
Thank you in advance