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Synchronize ARBs without external trigger? (33522A)

Question asked by SDietrich on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by lhornburg

we have the 33522A and want to use it to generate signals on the two channels. I mastered to upload the waveforms (ARBs) and construct the SEQs to the two channels. Both SEQs are exactly the same length (500k Samples), but most of that is a small ARB containing noise that is repeated (marked "repeat" within the SEQ). When I test the channels independently the output looks good.

But how can I have the two channels start the output at the same time? (I have no external trigger available.)

Is there maybe a way to use the "onceWaitTrig" in a SEQ to make channel 2 wait for channel 1?
I tried making both channels wait for the timed trigger but it appears to me every channel has its own timer, so the channels are not in sync.

I don't believe we have to use another waveform generator to construct a trigger...

Thanks for your help