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vrf Emailing: NI_PCI-M10-16E-4_Example

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 20, 2008

The card is a multifunction card and is part of a test rig owned by my brother's company (I work there for half my time)  which uses Labview but no one understands how to maintain it. I am therefore re-writing the code in VEE. The card cost around 1000GBP  I think.
best rgds

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> Hi Ashley. It seems to be just the generic nidaq32:
> ... A7006D1564
> ?opendocument&node=132060_US (one line)
> This is a bit long in the tooth though. It's curious - I can't find any
> reference to PCI-M10E (I imagine you already know that

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